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Check out videos and podcasts of Kathryn discussing her Enneagram Workshops, Series, and Enneagram topics in general.

The Enneagram and Shame Workshop

April 22, 2023 - Promotional Video

"Sail the Wine Dark Sea" Enneagram Series 2023

The great metaphor of the Odyssey

Kathryn teaches the Enneagram using the metaphor of Homer's Odyssey. 

References, Michael Goldberg's book, Travels with Odysseus.

Series Introductory Video

Excerpt from podcast notes: Enneagram teacher, master storyteller and definitely one of the funnest humans in the field Kathryn Grant (Social/Navigating 7) teaches the Enneagram using the metaphor of Homer's Odyssey. Do as I did, and get yourself a mug of something hot and enjoy this snippet from her current online course, Sail the Wine Dark Sea! After some sailing, we take flight and discuss the Wings. 

Listen to the podcast here: or watch the video below.

The Practical Enneagram Podcast 

Kathryn shares about the Odyssey Series
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