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  • Kathryn Grant

Enneagram Coaching and Spiritual Direction

I have been a Spiritual Director for 20+ years and an Enneagram teacher and Coach for close to 30. I combine aspects of these two approaches when appropriate and with caution; using active listening, silence and my Enneagram knowledge to assist folks as they wrestle with life’s knots.

I now feel a definite pull toward offering both more Spiritual Direction experiences and working with additional Enneagram Coaching clients. My work combines Enneagram wisdom, careful active listening and often, lively discussion.

I have recently expanded my Spiritual Direction toolbox with an additional dose of body wisdom and focusing. I am glad for this opportunity and look forward to adding these skills. I know that I will be a better Coach and Director for adding this practice.

If this sounds interesting; If you have been seeking a place to “un-pack” contact me for a consultation to see if we feel we can work together.



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